Daddy loves the Romans, Mummy the ancient Greeks, Little Fox just doesn't get it, He thinks his parents are geeks

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Meet Zak, a typical five-year-old who is far too busy to carry out a mundane task like putting on his shoes. Meet his mother, a caring and respectable parent who is slowly running out of patience. Feel the tension build and endure the frustration of a somewhat familiar situation as this tale with a moral unfolds. Will Zak get his comeuppance? 

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The delightful story of a naughty little shrew who decided he did not want to go to school and would play 'Pirates' at home all day instead


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The Mill Hill Billies are a bunch of junior school friends, full of normal pranks but totally committed to each other. After their first adventure in The Magic Coin it is a delight to be able to offer The Talking Skull. This involves a school trip to the west of Ireland where they discover some very sinister happenings that put the Billies in great danger.



  See Michael O'Malley's interview on Irish TV

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The story of a little boy who hated to clean his teeth until something magical started to happen with his toothbrush

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The Mill Hill Billies were a bunch of junior school friends, full of normal pranks but totally committed to each other. Their lives were just like those of any other kids of their ages until they discovered a strange coin down on Pop’s allotment. The coin began to glow and what happened next was to give them the most amazing experience of their young lives.

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Come back to the farm With its Christmassy charm

Where that cool winter snow falls each day

There's more friends to see So please stay for tea

And presents and cake in the hay

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In the Story of Fuzzy Buzzy, Maria Fuss has created a little elf who is endearing but not always well-behaved.  He lives in Elf Wood with his parents and a host of other charming characters. The real hero of this story is a senior elf called Mr Know-it-All. You can learn how he sets about righting a wrong that Fuzzy Buzzy has done while at the same time teaching an enduring lesson to the little elf and to all children who read this tale.

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Come down to the farm

With its countryside charm

Where the warm summer sun shines each day

There's new friends to meet

Some moo and some bleat

You're welcome to visit and join in the fray

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Meet Ozwald Copperbottom, a family dog full of mischief, mayhem and adventure. Follow Ozzie, a master of disguise as he creates havoc, becomes a fugitive, yet amazingly he always manages to return to the safety of his home and the company of Frank his best friend and favourite Teddy. During his adventures meet the other little Characters that tag along with Ozzie and add their own sense of fun to his craving for excitement and to satisfy his insatiable appetite for tasty food.

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Rosie McSlee & The Commoner’s Cold is the first in a series of delightful children’s books dealing with health matters. Debbie and Andrea have recognised that the best way for young children to learn the do’s and don’ts of a healthy life is through the medium of the rhyming stories they have written.

In The Commoner’s Cold children will learn that it is unacceptable behaviour for them to sneeze and splutter over their friends and classmates.  

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The Snugglewood Piggles are off to the moon! There's Goatly Nibble and he s going soon! Munchly Turtle wants to come too and Piggly Oink but he's lost a shoe!!!  

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Maxine Warner was definitely a child of the sixties, enjoying her first success by landing a record deal on the PYE label at the tender age of 16, under the name of Maxine Darren. (visit Youtube Maxine Darren) 

As her musical career progressed, she appeared at some of the top cabaret venues of the day. Maxine eventually fronted the very successful Lemon Tree Band, where she performed before members of the Royal family and at the world famous London Palladium. She also enjoyed numerous TV appearances, including BBC’s Children in Need and as a solo artiste on several children’s programmes, including, Song Book and Five 0’Clock Club. 

As a well established vocalist and entertainer, always striving for new challenges, Maxine has more recently refined her vocal range from, “Pop Singer” to “Opera Singer.” (visit Youtube Maxine Warner). 

Now with a grown up family, her grandchildren, Amber, Josh, Jayda, Annie and Willow, have inspired her so much to become a serious author and composer, that she has created dozens of stories and songs taken from everyday events.  

Maxine says: “This is how the concept of the delightful Tidderly Pops stories and characters was born, encouraging me to release this first edition as part of an ongoing series.” 

She then decided to approach former Lemon Tree member, keyboard player and accomplished musical arranger, Lynton Susman, who in his own studio, has created and developed, from Maxine’s original ideas and tunes, a full range of colourful and memorable orchestrations. 

With the music now well established, she then contacted professional vocalist and recording artiste, Barbara Hilton, who along with Maxine are the two voices you will hear on the Tidderly Pops CD. 

A percentage of the profits from this book will be going to The Tomas Leighton Charity Fund.

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