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Book Publishers to a World of new Writers
An Invitation to Aspiring New Authors:
Lionel Ross

i2i Publishing
was founded by Lionel Ross who is himself a published author. He knows, only too well, the almost impossible task confronting a new author when he seeks to find a publisher. Writers devote months and years of their lives to crafting and creating books devoted to the education and entertainment of unseen others. They then discover that their beloved manuscript is just a piece of often worthless merchandise in the eyes of the vast majority of publishers. New authors receive countless numbers of rejection letters from the mainstream publishers who prefer to play it safe with either established authors or celebrity authored books. Finally new writers turn in desperation to the so-called Vanity market. There they are promised, in return for vast sums of money
, that their book will be published.
Now there is another way, the i2i way.We DO ask for a small financial contribution towards costs but only on a SHARED RISK basis. And our prices are very low. We know from personal experience that most new authors are not 'made of money.'

Our satisfied clients can confirm the loving care we give their manuscripts-ask us to quote and look forward to seeing your book on bookshop shelves and on the websites of electronic booksellers.
We are NOT a self-publishing organisation - rather a partnership between Author and Publisher and where your book, if accepted, will have an internationally recognised imprint -
We are currently accepting submissions in the following genres:


Why not fill in the form below to tell us about your work?

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Lionel Ross is highly recommended in all aspects of publishing. Choose i2i Publishing to enhance your treasured work with full confidence.

Graham Ashworth-Author- MAN O' THE WORLD 

After completing my first novel, I realised I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I had bought myself a copy of the Writers Yearbook but did not know where to start. I had met Lionel Ross at a book signing in my hometown of Liverpool. I had told him of my dreams and plans for the future in wanting to be a writer - next thing I knew, he was giving me his card and told me to give him a call.
That one call changed my life. I informed him that my novel was now completed, told him what it was about and the main themes. He seemed interested and asked me to send him the first twenty pages. I did so and within a couple of days I had received an email back saying he was interested in publishing the novel. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement but since the time of finding out to the time of it nearly being published (only one month left as I write this-March 2014) I have been thrilled. Not only that, I have been honoured because unlike many mainstream publishiers I have heard of, i2i Publishing allows you, the writer, to be part of the publishing process, allowing you to bring forth your ideas while also being asked your opinion on important matters such as cover design, the layout and the blurb.
It has been a wonderful experience, more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am glad I went to i2i Publishing to have my book published and now I would not want to go anywhere else. They have made a dream of mine come true and have made it a very easy, uncomplicated and happy process. I think more people should go with i2i Publishing.
Simon Edwards - Author 'Jessie's Choice'

Graham Ashworth with his exciting new book MAN O' THE WORLD
Simon Edwards signs books for fans at WH Smith Trafford Centre

Aug 2013. Lionel recognised by Ilan Dwek, a keen reader of Lionel's stories

Steph Harbon Signing Copies of her new Fantasy thriller ASHES Book 1


Just Launched Back in the Frame

the amazing debut novel by Jake Yardley. £7.99


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 REDUNDANT by Brian Keith, An emotional and spiritual journey through Redundancy. Don't miss it! £8.95


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For the Love of Christopher.

The true story of a Father's fight to be re-united with his abducted son. 

See below the Ian Lomax' TV interview with Trish: Edit Text


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Ian Paul Lomax receiving his allocation of books

i2i Authors are often to be found 

signing copies of their books
in bookstores and at events

Australian author - 94 years old Elsie Hemming Signing her Publishing contract
Elsie Hemming (94) of Sydney with proof of front cover for her autobiography Kaleidoscope

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Ian Paul Lomax Signing Copies of his book FOR THE LOVE OF CHRISTOPHER